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    A VERY cool thing I get to do this weekend.
    ““Bell Drum Towers” is a fantasy piece in which Mr. Zhou imagines the custom in ancient China where drums and bells in public towers signaled the arrival of evening. At first the music, which deftly melds traditional Chinese and contemporary Western elements, provides a placid, hazy background: gentle glissandos, soft scratchy tones in the strings, delicate flickers from the woodwinds.

    Then fleeting musical gestures — a sudden scampering figure, a swelling chord — bobble up, like the random thoughts that penetrate the mind when you are trying to meditate. But soon these fragments coalesce into thematic lines, drums tap and ripple, strings break into frenetic bursts. Sometimes, during subdued moments, the drums and bells almost seem to be playing themselves, as if gusts of wind were rustling through the tower.”

    Mr. Zhou will be in South Dakota this weekend to hear the South Dakota Symphony rehearse and perform this piece. I’m very excited to be the percussionist for this performance. 

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    Ticking Clock

    We’re probably in the last 15-20 hours of life as a 3-member family. We should be welcoming the boy to the household tomorrow.

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    Listening to initial edits of a CD two years in the making!

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    The Avett Brothers - Laundry Room

    Great concert last Saturday. Hard not to like what these guys do.

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    Coming right up…


    Round 67 of the interview/selection process for a dean position I thought, at least 63 times, that I had no chance of landing. This round will either be another presentation on co-curricular trends…or evening wear.

    Good luck! When you are a dean, I will never NOT call you Dean-O. Also, marry the youngest faculty member in your department. It never doesn’t work.

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    Packing for a move. It’s been four years since I’ve traded spaces. I forgot how much this feels like packing for a fucking percussion ensemble concert by myself.

    Sounds like you need a better packing assignment sheet…Good Luck!

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    Look! A video of someone else playing notes that we wrote one time.

    I don’t care if I helped write them or not, these are some good notes…

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    Nebraska containing Martinez…sounds about right.

    Nebraska containing Martinez…sounds about right.

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    This is great.


    This will be taken down immediately, so watch it while you can, it’s amazing! 



    Spoiler Alert of the Day: Animator Edmund Earle, working in his spare time over the course of two months, put together this glorious alternate ending to the upcoming live-action/CGI-hybrid adaptation of The Yogi Bear Show.

    cc: Tim Heidecker.


    (Source: thedailywhat)

In the past calendar year I have:
Finished my Doctorate
Found a College Teaching Job
Moved across the Country
Seen the birth of my little girl
Turned 30.

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